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Planning By Age

Depending on where you are in life, priorities can vary. Visit our Planning by Age online resource, select which age range you fit and receive a checklist of recommended tools and guidance.

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Major and Unexpected Expenses

It’s one thing to plan for expected occasions like weddings, or children – but what about unanticipated events like a sudden need to move, or a large inheritance. Learn how to help protect and prepare yourself now.

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Family Matters

Help ensure your family is taken care of, whether it is just you and your spouse, children or preparing for the future. Visit voya.com to learn ways to help protect your loved ones.

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Seminar Library

You’ve got questions about retirement. We’ve got answers for you - just a click away. With our online seminars, you can learn what you want, when and where you want! We’ve changed our Seminar Library. Make sure to re-bookmark this NEW address!

Voya Financial™

Welcome to Voya Financial™
Coined from the word "voyage," Voya™ reflects momentum and optimism, seeing the future in a positive way. While our name has changed from ING U.S., our service and commitment to you has not. Voya Financial will provide you with the same quality retirement services you’ve always received – and we’ll show you a whole new way to be retirement ready.
Visit voya.com to learn more.

Social Media

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Unsung Heroes

Every year, Voya awards 100 deserving educators a $2,000 grant to reward them for their innovative class projects. To date, Voya has awarded more than $4 million in grants through this program.

2014 Winners

Have you created an outstanding educational project? Complete or share the Voya Unsung Heroes application.


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See how Voya can help you plan for tomorrow, today.

Boost Your Knowledge

Timely topics, tips and tools.

myOrangeMoneyTM Using myOrangeMoneyTM can show you the value of continuing your contributions to meet your future income needs, even during market fluctuations.

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Tips and Tools


See into your future. myOrangeMoneyTM shows your estimated retirement income.

What Type of Investor Are You?

Learning about yourself can help you make smart choices for your future.

Market Fluctuations & Investing

Learn more about investing during market fluctuations in this education module.

Budget Builder

Build your monthly home budget. Keep your spending – and your savings – on track!

Voya Compare Me

Are you saving as much as other Americans? Find out how you compare.

College Savings Calculator

Identify potential college costs so you can be better prepared to save.

My Retirement Outlook®

Learn what you need to save today, to be comfortable with your retirement income tomorrow.